Where ‘Av You Been?!: Nib & Muck Etsy Shop! 

‘Ello folks!

Sorry I’ve been a little blog light of late (poet and I didn’t know it), I’ve been fraternising with a new, younger, sexier project…the Nib & Muck Etsy shop!

Your incentive to read on is a discount code for my new store – you have been warned/bribed.

I like nice nibs and I cannot lie…

The Etsy shop is a celebration of my folded nib calligraphy addiction, and adoration for all things smutty. It’s a collection of greetings cards, postcards and notecards for any occasion, with a true Nib & Muck take on them: they are RIDDLED with swear words. Think of them as what you really want to say to your nearest and dearest, rather than the twee verses you’re used to. I’m also up for suggestions, so if there is a card, product or rude pun that you would like to see, then let me know! Commissions also welcome :).

All cards are made with high quality 200gsm card (white, black and Kraft mainly) that stands up incredibly well to fountain pen ink. This was a must! All designs are crafted with a folded calligraphy nib, and a variety of fountain pen inks; current favourite combos are Diamine Soft Mint and Scarlett, or Diamine Autumn Oak and Meditarranean Blue. Yum!

Yes, you are!

Now, I’m not going all capitalist bank on your ass; I’m not after your money. Well, not aggressively anyway ;). There are a few reasons why I started it, and – if you give a shit – here they are:

  1. I wanted something a little different to send to pen pals, pen addicts and loved ones. There’s a lack of offensive but lovable cards out there, and I like filling gaps ;).
  2. (I bum swearing x I ❤ stationery) + folded nib calligraphy is cool + Matthew Morse inspires me = Etsy shop. Naturally. Algebra is also cool, although utter nonsense!
  3. As I recover from a serious illness (it’s hard so I haven’t mentioned it really, it makes me cry sometimes, but I’ll FUCKING DO IT!), I wanted something to channel my creative and entrepreneurial energies into in a stress free way. I’m hoping to set up my own copywriting/creative company eventually and the Etsy store seemed like a baby step in the right direction. And big goals are made up of baby steps.

Everyone loves a Gaylord!

So there you have it, fountain pen folks, that’s where I’ve been. Don’t panic, I’ll be back to blogging soon! Expect to see a few more Etsy plugs on my Instagram though, soz!

The perfect notecards

Finally, a shameless plug would not be complete without a discount code! Enter ‘MUCK10’ at checkout for 10% off your purchase, because I’m nice like that.

Thanks for your support, and I look forward to hearing what you think!

What swear word would you like to see on a card?!

Keep those nibs mucky! 


19 thoughts on “Where ‘Av You Been?!: Nib & Muck Etsy Shop! 

      1. Haha omg! I’ve just started watching it, about to finish series 2! I can do that – any preference on ink colour or card size/colour? Will post link to it on Etsy for you on here once it is done, probably tomorrow :)! X

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