Flip Flopping: Say Nice Things Flip Flop Notebook Review

Normally, I hate flip flops.

The toe peg makes my feet sore, they are impossible to walk in on sand, and are usually worn by toffs at university in the middle of December. Flipping ridiculous.

However, the Say Nice Things Flip Flop is a different story. It’s one of my favourite fountain pen friendly notebooks up there with Story Supply company and Dark Star. Much MUCH better than their hardback notebook I reviewed a few months ago.

Here’s how we got on.

Thanks to SNT for this sexual shot!
Thanks to SNT for this sexual shot!

1. The Holiday Package – Vital Stats

  • A6 kraft paper covered pocket book with cream inner pages.
  • 48 pages, 90gsm paper, stitch bound, lay flat.
  • Rounded corners to cover and pages.
  • Pack contains 3 books with cover colour variations and a protective sleeve.
  • Each book split into 2 x 24 page sections in a reversible design: 24 x lined pages, 24 x grid pages.

A pretty tidy offering from Jet2Notebooks, I’m sure you’ll agree!

2. The Beach Bag – Packaging

I loved the packaging on these bad boys; a smart kraft sleeve that opens like an American Japanese Takeaway box. What’s not to love?! I also like the Addidas like three stripes down the middle too – chavtastic!

Addidas for the Stationery World
Addidas for the Stationery World

3. The Sandcastles – Cover & Binding

I’m really impressed with the stitch bound beauties; neat, pretty coloured thread and tighter than a miser’s wallet. The kraft covers are also pretty, with smart SNT branding and even a little line for you to write a notebook title. The covers are durable, and have withstood back pockets, greasy hands and even a dog trying to wee on it. Really.

Sturdy bugger

Classy binding

4. The Sun – The Paper

I was less than lovely about SNT journal paper in my last review. However, the FlipFlop is a different story. Silky smooth like Rhodia, with a decent weight and great with all nibs, even the wet ones. Minimal bleed and ghosting too!

The flip flop nature of the book is awesome – grid on one side and lined on the other. I found myself making general notes in the lined section, and more bullet journal lists in the grid. It’s slightly wider than the average pocket notebook too, giving you more doodle room which I appreciate. A great carry around companion.

5. The Trip Advisor Review – The Verdict

Five stars out of five stars. No hairs on the bed sheets. No shit in the toilet. No drug dealing from the room next door.

I’m crazy about the FlipFlop. It has great paper, an amazing cover and a unique size. At £6.99 for three it is very reasonably priced too – that’s essentially six notebooks in one package due to the different rulings. I’ve gone through two of my three already! Definitely check them out.

Would you add a FlipFlop to your holiday arsenal?

Keep those nibs mucky! 

AND DON’T FORGET – visit the new Nib & Muck Etsy store, and use MUCK10 at checkout for 10% off your first purchase. Nice!


Disclaimer: These notebooks were provided free of charge by the lovely Andy of SNT. This in no way affects my opinion or ability to compare them to actual flip flops and chavs.



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