My name is Laura. I’m 28. And I’m a stationery junkie. There, I said it – I can’t get through the day without my fix of pen, pencil and paperclip porn. Everyone has to have a vice, right?

My love affair with stationery started with my first Parker Pen rollerball in junior school; I couldn’t believe that writing up science homework could feel so damn sexy. My exploration into my stationery-ality continued into my teens with fountain pens, Moleskines (we’ve all done it), and gel pens, until my eyes wandered to the dangerous digital mistress of Apple products at university. I don’t like to talk about it…

In my mid-twenties I got the blogging bug as The Tea Witch  (I’m also nuts about a decent cuppa too), and found myself reaching for analog tools as they helped me be more crea-tea-ve. It’s easier to draft blog posts and jot down dir-tea jokes at 2am with a pen and paper, rather than booting up an electronic device. (Did I mention I adore terrible puns by the way?)

I began to take more interest (and spend obscene amounts of money on) my trusty stationery comrades. Pen porn slowly crept into my Tea Witch Instagram posts; Goulet Pen Company videos seeped into my daily routine; and being stared at for my inky fingers became more commonplace.

And so…Nib & Muck (like nip and tuck – geddit!?) was born. Welcome to my tongue in cheek take on the humble stationery review – I look forward to making your eyebrows raise ;)!

Are you ready for me, stationery world?!