Mom…I got Nocked up: Nock Co. DotDash Notebook Review

So, my Nock Co DotDash pads and I have been dating for a while now. Our romance has been tempestuous, our lovemaking ravenous and our lust unparalleled. It was inevitable that I would get ‘Nocked’ up pretty quickly. Sorry Mom.

As many of you will (and should!) know, Nock Co is the love child of Brad Dowdy of Pen Addict fame, and Jeff Bruckwicki of insane-beard-and-craftmanship fame. They create highly sought after stationery storage and paper products that y’all should check out if you haven’t already. Their creations are basically the stuff that  stationery obsessives’ wet dreams are made of. Indeed, I was irrationally aroused by my latest Nock Co haul that included the Sinclair 3 pen and notebook pouch, the Brasstown pen case and my new beau, the DotDash notebook 3 pack.

Nock Co Dot Dash Notepad Speed Dating Card
Nock Co DotDash Notebook Speed Dating Card

The Initial Attraction

Ever since I cracked the notebook open, it has been the writing weapon I reach for the most, whether that be for quick lists or longer meeting notes. The top stapling was part of the initial attraction for me, as it is a more versatile binding than that of most pocket notebooks. It was so convenient to whip it out of my back pocket and jot a speedy note like a hipster barista writing down an over complex coffee order. I was also turned on by the canary yellow jacket which – like an Armani fragrance on a potential suitor – was fruity, cheeky and sturdy compared to its competitors.

Didn't I tell you that I moonlight as Batman?!
Didn’t I tell you that I moonlight as Batman?!

The First Kiss

My first dalliance with my new ‘friend with benefits’ notepad was impressive. I subjected it to a flirty ink test, with gels, pencils and ballpoints holding up well with very little bleed through and feathering. I went weak at the knees for the smoothness of the paper, with the right amount of tooth for a pleasant writing experience with pencils especially. However, like a poorly timed belch on a dinner date, I was less impressed with the fountain pen performance. (Although, Nock are transparent about this in their product description on the web shop). The paper is quite absorbent so my Pilot Capless M Nib looked sloppy and dragged across the page. Having said that, my Platinum #3776 EF fared better due to the fineness of the nib, but still wrote as if I was dragging my fingers down a black board.

The flirty ink test
The flirty ink test
Bleed through situation
Bleed through situation

The L Word

Despite the fountain pen performance, the DotDash quickly wooed me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and wanted to write in it all the time. I snubbed my usual Field Notes just to hang out with it. It even encouraged me to explore my stationery-ality, as I was compelled to reach for pencils more than my beloved fountain pens. Graphite was a real joy to use on the balanced tooth of the paper.


  • Top stapling
  • Durable outer card stock
  • Versatile paper ruling
  • Good paper tooth – ideal for pencils
  • Sexy design


  • Not so great for fountain pens
  • I only have 3 and am racing through them already!
  • Why oh why can’t Nock Co move over to the UK?!

Safe to say, I adore this little notebook for its good looks, versatility in ruling and stapling, and undeniable quality. It is the perfect father to my new pencil devil child. If you are looking for a good alternative to popular pocket notebook brands and are happy to explore your non-fountain pen collection, then you should definitely check out these Nock bad boys. Although I warn you; you might, just might, get pregnant.

Keep those nibs mucky!

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