Welcome to Nib & Muck

What is Nib & Muck?

N&M is a stationery blog…with personality. I love the array of blogs we have already covering this topic, BUT I want to give you a bit more than a list of stats, dry prose and family friendly humour. I want to combine honest, informative reviews with a dollop of adult content (not the weird kind though), belly laughs and maybe even loud snorting. Probably best not to read the posts where your employer/teacher/significant other can see you.

Why Nib & Muck?

Why the hell not? Although seriously…my stationery addiction was beginning to slip into my alter ego blog (The Tea Witch), and becoming the third person in my relationship. So, I thought blogging about it might act as a way to legitimise my dangerous pen purchasing habit, and prevent my other half from throwing me out.

How Nib & Muck?

Reviews will be short, sharp and sweet, and hopefully a laugh for you to read. You can expect to see reviews of pens, pencils, notebooks, inks…if I can rub my hands all over it, it will feature (well, most things anyway). You can follow this blog, or perve over gratuitous pen porn on the N&M Instagram page, or get involved in the stationery banter on N&M Twitter.

When Nib & Muck?

You can rely on me for a post at least once a week unless I a) get ill, b) lose a hand or most likely c) spontaneously combust. Going on holiday might also affect posts too…I’m only human.

Thanks for joining me at my stationery house of worship – I look forward to getting to know you and don’t be afraid to suggest what you would like to see on the site! For more information on who I am and what I’m into, head over to the ‘About’ page.

Keep those nibs mucky!

Laura x

Check out the pen porn on Instagram and stationery smut on Twitter!


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