Boxing Clever: Pocket Notebooks Unboxing Video

The ever-fabulous Stuart at asked if he could use my face. I agreed, as long as it wasn’t for a bank robbery, identity fraud or worse…using a ballpoint pen. THE HORROR!

Luckily, he wanted me to do an unboxing video for the new and improved Pocket Notebooks subscription boxes. I had great fun tearing through packaging, using the word ‘nice’ waaayyy too much, and impersonating Stephen SBRE Brown. Also, big love to Heidi Bawden for being such a lovely videographer to work with – she is pretty special! (I’ve never felt so Z-list celebrity, shouting out to my film maker and all!)

Check out the video below for more fun and notebook games. Look forward to hearing what y’all think!

Keep those nibs mucky!


6 thoughts on “Boxing Clever: Pocket Notebooks Unboxing Video

  1. Well, colour me pink! A British fountain pen and notebook blog! Glad to have found you, Laura.
    I’ve noticed you seem to enjoy (more than) the odd ecclesiastical reference, so can I be a bit heretical for a moment and ask with what you actually fill your notebooks and what you do with them once they are full? Don’t get me wrong, I have quite the notebook fetish myself, but after I buy them I never seem to get around to actually using them. I’m guessing there is more to it than looking cool in coffee shops?
    That being said, I recently snatched up a Field Notes on my way out to a meeting where I wanted to make notes, and had no problems writing in it with a TWSBI Eco (broad) filled with Diamine Shimmer ink (yes, that’s really what I *happened* to have on me), so maybe there’s a magic combo? I’ll admit I do like a paper with a little bit of soft bite – the same pen and ink in a Rhodia Professional A4 casebound (90 gsm Clairefontaine) handles like a duck on a frozen pond. I rue the day.
    Lastly (and I hope that this will please not be the wrong thing to say) I really enjoyed the unboxing video and could not get over how much you look like Gilmore Girls’ Lauren Graham (back in the day) on film!

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    1. Eve! Thank you so much for reading and your lovely response 👍. I think you’ve inspired me for another blog post on what I use my notebooks for – really good idea! Like you, I rarely fill an entire one up and I want to get better at that. Haha thank you for the Lauren Graham complement; I’ll take that happily ;)! X


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