ToTP: Nails, Notebooks and Nerds

It’s been a busy week at Nib & Muck HQ; I’ve been covered in paint, plaster and particles of all kinds as we redecorated! Thank you for your patience as blogging/Instagramming/sanity was briefly interrupted whilst I learnt how to operate power tools. Only minor injuries were inflicted.

So, what have I been using this week? Time for another TOP OF THE PEN POTS!

Hot New Entry at Three: Partnership with United Inkdom!

I fangirled out when Scribble of the United Inkdom group asked me to be part of their gang! For those of you who don’t know, it’s a motley crew of UK based pen/stationery bloggers who regularly join forces to provide product meta reviews. I am so excited to be part of this wonderful posse, as I’ve read their blogs for a long time and honoured to be in such great company.

Check out my first appearance on the United Inkdom, with the Namisu Nova Meta Review.

Stable Non-Mover at Two: Using ALL the Notebooks

This week I put another three pocket notebooks to the test, and my letterbox was abused with EVEN MORE to try in the coming weeks! I’ve received goodies from Backpocket Notebooks, Darkstar Collection, Say Nice Things Stationery and Personalised Stationery. Look out for another paper speed datathon soon!


An Annoyingly Catchy Number One: Decorating with Fountain Pens

I’ve subjected my beloved pens and pencils to dust, dents and decorating this week. My trusty Palimino HB pencil was permanently tucked behind my ear for marking out drill holes on walls and wood, and my stealthy Lamy Al-Star handled all other note taking with aplomb due to its hardy exterior and EF nib that writes on ANYTHING. I’m more convinced than ever that analog tools trump technology when it comes to creating; I wasn’t afraid to brandish my pens around whilst my iPhone cowered in a corner afraid of muck and nails.

What have you subjected your analog tools to this week?!

Keep those nibs mucky! 


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