Top of The Pen Pots: What I’ve used this week

Welcome to my new weekly feature: Top of the Pen Pots! It’s a run down of pens and stationery goodies that I’ve had my mucky paws on over the last seven days. Think ‘currently inked’ on steroids. (Also reads better if you sing the Top of the Pops theme tune in your head.)



New in at five: William Hannah Notebook

Its versatility, phwwooooaaarrr-worthy looks and epic paper performance has knocked my socks off this week. For more on our love affair, check out my latest review.

Phwwwoooooarrrr – the William Hannah Notebook

A non-mover at four: Crown Mill Writing Stationery

Crown Mill envelopes and notecards (plus copious amounts of sugar), have powered me through #InCoWriMo this month. Their vibrant colours, fountain pen friendly card stock and paper cut resistant paper have stood me in good stead for incessant letter writing. AND stopped me looking like Edward Scissorhands due to paper related injuries. (Trust me, it happens.)

Crown & Mill paper
Crown Mill: getting me through #InCoWriMo since 2016


Hot entry at three: Pilot Custom 74, F nib

I’ve had this bad boy for a few weeks now, and find myself reaching for it more and more as I battle with my arch nemesis: PRINTER PAPER. It looks sweet, is a great workhorse and DAT NIB THO’…the Pilot fine nib has handled everything I’ve thrown at it. Including human skin. It’s a long story…

Dat nib tho'...Pilot Custom 74, F nib, inked with Robert Oster Fire & Ice
Dat nib tho’…Pilot Custom 74, F nib, inked with Robert Oster Fire & Ice

Up three places at two: Edison Collier Persimmon Swirl, M nib

I adore the looks of this humungous hunk, but my original fine nib wrote a little dry for my taste. Thanks to the Fountain Pens UK Facebook page, I picked up a medium Edison steel nib that has rekindled our inky liaison. It writes wetter than a weekend in Wales and shows off ink shading marvellously!

Humungous hunk: Edison Collier Persimmon Swirl, M steel nib, inked with Pelikan Edelstein Topaz

Our new NUMBER ONE: Parker Vacumatic

Ok, I don’t actually own this vintage pen (yet), but I’ve lusted after it this week. I stumbled across some gorgeous examples on eBay and kept an eagle eye on auctions ever since. Like guys, pens get more distinguished and better looking with age. This gent looks suave, sophisticated and sexy with its stunning translucent body, vac pump filler and flexy nibs. I’m tempted to add one to my collection. Watch this space!

A dapper gent: Parker Vacumatic

What have you had your greasy mitts on this week?

Keep those nibs mucky!


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