ToTP: One Pen, One Ink, One Paper Challenge

If the #6penchallenge wasn’t enough for you, members of the Fountain Pens UK Facebook group decided on their own ‘Desert Island Desks’ style equivalent. The ONE PEN, ONE INK, ONE PAPER challenge! Or, select the three stationery items that you would happily use for the rest of your life if the rest of your stash… Read More ToTP: One Pen, One Ink, One Paper Challenge


Champagne Supernova: Namisu Nova Review

I’m always scared of hype, especially hype bigger than Donald Trump’s hairpiece and a Delta Dolce Vita Oversize. The Namisu Nova certainly generated a lot of it across ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA. Even the mighty pen gods Myke and Brad – hallowed be thy names – over at the Pen Addict Podcast were smitten with it. So, coupled with the Nova’s resemblance to a cosmic-looking erotic pleasuring device, I was naturally wary of buying one. However, after meticulous calculation – much like a space expedition – I took the plunge, caved to peer pressure and purchased one. … Read More Champagne Supernova: Namisu Nova Review