Champagne Supernova: Namisu Nova Review

I’m always scared of hype, especially hype bigger than Donald Trump’s hairpiece and a Delta Dolce Vita Oversize. The Namisu Nova certainly generated a lot of it across ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA. Even the mighty pen gods Myke and Brad – hallowed be thy names – over at the Pen Addict Podcast were smitten with it. So, coupled with the Nova’s resemblance to a cosmic-looking erotic pleasuring device, I was naturally wary of buying one. However, after meticulous calculation – much like a space expedition – I took the plunge, caved to peer pressure and purchased one. … Read More Champagne Supernova: Namisu Nova Review

Mom…I got Nocked up: Nock Co. DotDash Notebook Review

So, my Nock Co DotDash pads and I have been dating for a while now. Our romance has been tempestuous, our lovemaking ravenous and our lust unparalleled. It was inevitable that I would get ‘Nocked’ up pretty quickly. Sorry Mom.

As many of you will (and should!) know, Nock Co is the love child of Brad Dowdy of Pen Addict fame, and Jeff Bruckwicki of insane-beard-and-craftmanship fame. They create highly sought after stationery storage and paper products that y’all should check out if you haven’t already.… Read More Mom…I got Nocked up: Nock Co. DotDash Notebook Review

Welcome to Nib & Muck

What is Nib & Muck?

N&M is a stationery blog…with personality. I love the array of blogs we have already covering this topic, BUT I want to give you a bit more than a list of stats, dry prose and family friendly humour. I want to combine honest, informative reviews with a dollop of adult content (not the weird kind though), belly laughs and maybe even loud snorting. Probably best not to read the posts where your employer/teacher/significant other can see you.… Read More Welcome to Nib & Muck