Green as Grass: Robert Oster Green Inks Review

Can you bloody believe it?!

A DUP/Conservative Coalition?!

JOKES – who cares about THAT.

What I mean is, can you believe that I had NO GREEN INKS in my collection until the guys at Bureau Direct sent some my way?! Serious political news right there.

Satire aside, I’m impressed with Mr Oster’s green liquid. Vibrant, sheeny, great shading and a joy to write with, whatever the pen! Here are my thoughts.*

*Remember, I’m not doing any fancy schmancy dry times, bleach tests, passes yadda yadda, as I personally don’t find them relevant. I want to know if the colour is sexy, and whether the sheen is pretty, so that is what you are getting. Props to the bloggers that do, I’m just going with my gut!

A little green in the gils…

The Green Goddess: Robert Oster Emerald

I am in LOVE with this green bitch; she’s my favourite of the bunch. A deep, sea green, she has wonderful lubrication and came spilling out of my new Jinhao 922 (get one, they are amazing for 99p – review soon!). It is dark enough to be seen as professional, but has enough shading and a slightly silver sheen to be interesting. Dry time was reasonable too – good after 15 seconds in a medium nib. If you like the Lollipop Guild of the Wizard of Oz, then you’ll adore this.

5 out of 5 Oompa Loompas


The SAS Marine: Robert Oster Khaki Green

This is a tough as nails colour, like SAS army camouflage. I like its golden, yellowy green undertones and killer shading. It reminds me of a muted KWZ Honey. A great alternative to boring black and blue – and the DREADFULLY DULL blue-black (don’t hate me) – I’ve used this as a daily writing ink and enjoyed it. It is wetter than an aquarium too, which makes it a joy in stub nibs!

4 Bullet Shells out of 5

SAS Captain at Your Service
SAS Captain at Your Service

The Tart Candy Drop: Robert Oster Green Lime

I was expecting to hate this. It looked like Diamine Jade Green which is beautiful but impossible to read on the page and thus annoying as f**k. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised – R.O Green Lime is a darker, more vibrant green more akin to Diamine Meadow. It pops off the page like a tart candy drop, and looks very different when first laid down to completely dry a few minutes later as you can see in the pictures below. It is a real summery colour that is a lot of fun but not for everyday writing, like a call girl on a Saturday night. Not as much sheen on this ink compared to the other two either, but MY GOD look at that shading. FIERCE!

4 Escorts out of 5

Hello, vibrant call girl!


Robby-O, my man, you’ve done it again. Three interesting, wet and great shading inks that I’ve adored using. I must quibble a bit at the price – £14.95 is a lot of money for 50ml of ink. Then again, people pay ridiculous money for Pilot and Sailor inks that aren’t anywhere near as lovely. So I guess ‘value’ is subjective here.

But, I’m chuffed that I have FINALLY added green inks to my collection…and snuck in some political satire for good measure ;)!

What do you reckon to Robby-O’s green goddesses?

Keep those nibs mucky!

Disclaimer: Ink samples were kindly provided by Bureau Direct, free of charge. This in no way influences my opinion, or ability to make obscure Wizard of Oz references and political swipes. 


3 thoughts on “Green as Grass: Robert Oster Green Inks Review

  1. You take back that slander about blue-black! Pilot Blue-Black sheens red so that’s like three different colors for the price of one. I’m only forgiving you right now because you said nice things about the Jinhao 992.

    erhm, yes… these green inks. They are nice. I harbor suspicions that Robert Oster is trapped in a basement laboratory under Uluru, cursed to formulate new inks until he’s created one for every color in the spectrum.

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  2. I love the look of the Robert Oster inks but the only one I’ve got is Khaki. It’s gorgeous! I can imagine getting Green Lime based on what you’ve written. As a summery green it’ll go with my green lined William Hannah notebook.

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